One Very Rusty and Very RARE, Non-Running, with missing engine(not included but may still be available for an extra cost), 1974 Alfa Romeo GTV, manufactured in 06-74. This is possibly, and very likely, one of the last 50-100 GTV, GT Voloce models produced for the USA market. This car is for Restoration or For Donor Parts! A Full Restoration is possible and may be economically feasible at todays higher resale prices. I risk to say that Many of today’s $30k to $50K Alfa GTVs currently for sale on eBay were not in too much better condition a few years ago prior to their restorations! These cars are rarer than the Spiders because so many of these GTVs were lost to rust!!

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Originally listed on March 9, 2016.
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Location: Elkhart, Indiana, United States