Maserati Biturbo History unknown. We purchased this vehicle in it’s present condition. Have not worked on it. Unable to give any insight into problems, will not turn over so that’s as far as I went, will most likely need a motor, Transmission goes in to Gear, Have a box of Emissions Parts, and other? The Tires where flat so tires are Shot one will not hold air, Was told not moved in over 10 years under cover? Please fill free to ask any questions so were on the same page on what to expect on this Maserati. Car Does Not Run or Drive. 54,218 Miles 5 Speed Motor Seized up? Not sure why. No major body damage. Some cracks in the front lower valance. No rust that I can tell. if you know any spots to look please ask us. Windshield is cracked. Interior fair/ok. Headliner is falling down. Some tears in seats. Regular signs of wear from use and storage. Trunk is a little tricky to open, but does open. Hood is a little tricky to open, as well. But also does open. Color: Red/Orange (paint is sun faded)

Location: Moxee, Washington, United States

See listing: 1984 Maserati Coupe Biturbo (from March 24, 2016)