Ah…Alfa! The look! The drive! The sound! The feel!

The time has come to depart with our beloved 87 Veloce. I have been putting this off for some time because I am a true Alfisti and I hate to part with it. The fact remains we have a 2 car carport and my wife’s car is sitting outside because the carport is full of Alfa’s! Shes cool about it but there comes a point….Recently bought a grey market 916 spider so its getting a wee cramped at home. The high miles are apparently a product of 2 owners ago. I spoke with him before buying and he said he was an AROC member and used car to host tours coast to coast up north with his wife. From what I can tell I’m the 4th owner. The last owner bought for his wife in Arizona as a toy car and she barely drove it. So- Here’s what I think is important to know if this is the right car for you:


1. Its the best color combo ever on a spider in my humble opinion. Stellar Blue on tan leather.
2. For the cars age and mileage, the car presents and drives VERY respectably in and out. No cracked dash, good top, not a sun faded beater waiting to go to pasture.
3. The car has always started right up for us no issues, pulls strong, no smoke, and shifts good (have owned nearly 2 years) I have always taken a 1-2 count going into second and rev match downshifts, if you know this, this car is a joy to drive.
4. Car has been lowered with Centerline coils and Bilsteins. Handles very nicely.
5. New downpipe back exhaust with Ansa rear section. The car simply sounds amazing. Nothing like the sound of the venerable 2.0 Alfa twin cam!! I will include new magnaflow downpipe and cat with sale. Does not need I just bought as upgrade and was going to ‘modify’ the cat section.
6. Leather seats have patina but no major cracks our tears. Love the s3 veloce leather seat design, very supportive!
7. Alpine cd head unit with new rear polk waterproof speakers.
8. Rota alloys with sticky sport good year tires in very good condition. Matching spare alloy .
9. Drilled/slotted front and rear brake rotors. Brakes true and straight.
10.. includes factory tonneau cover for when top down
11. Anywhere you ever go in this car, you will be smiling, and the people looking at you will be smiling too because its contagiously beautiful and fun to see.
12. Car has all fresh proper (!) fluids in engine, tranny, diff, brake fluid, coolant. Fresh plugs, air filter, fuel filter, and cap/rotor/bosch coil.
13. Car has newly installed radiator for the last one was starting to leak due to poor repair job.
14. Not a rust bucket. No major rust to speak of that needs attention or repair.


1. I’m not going to represent this car as a perfect show queen- its a 30 year old driver quality Italian car so you need to know what you are getting into.
2. If you keep the car, you should consider doing soon:
-suspension bushings- car drives/handles nicely but you can tell the bushings are getting tired
-valve adjustment? unsure when last down. valves sound good, this would be preventive maintenance
-motor mounts and guibo replace- guibo seems fine, again, preventive maintenance, but motor mounds show physical signs of age. Will provide Spruell sport set to replace motor mounts.
3. Leaks? really? its an old Alfa, weeps extremely slowly from engine/tranny. not worth a rebuild for leaks this slow. if you know alfa’s, you get it.
4. Gearbox is not botched but you take pause before second and all is well. this gearbox imho has plenty of life left. The AROC owner noted above said he put fresh 2nd syncro in car while he owned.
5. Car has been repainted/re-cleared at some point in its life. I think the left front quarter was repaired or replaced. no evidence of serious accident history…I simply dont know what happened prior to my ownership. Paint looks very good but certainly not perfect upon close inspection if you are OCD.
6. The trunk was closed with something too big inside so a very minor bend in decklid. not severe enough to warranty repair imo.
7. drivers door weatherstripping is shot. I have replacment, yet to install. Will provide at sale. Has not been priority for I don not ever drive in rain!
8. Drivers door will not lock with key from outside. I have new lock barrel and key set to remedy, again, provided at sale. Once again- has not been priority for you can lock from inside and if you want to break into this car a locked door does not matter!

In summary, surely I missed something here but have done my best to disclose what I think matters. Of course will do my best to continue to help as I can. I’m confident this car can be purchased/driven/enjoyed for years to come with proper maintenance and service. I truly want to keep both of our Alfa’s its simply just not reasonable.

Price: Auction

More info: Listing has ended. Click to search on eBay for similar 1987 Alfa Romeo Spider (Affiliate link)

Location: Dallas, Texas, United States