This is my 1988 Alfa Romeo Milano Quadrifoglio Verde 3.0 sedan with only 94,000 miles. This is a pretty rare car, as only about 800 of these were made and sent to the USA.  The Milano was Alfa’s last RWD sedan sold in America. In Europe this car is known as the 75, celebrating Alfa Romeo’s 75th anniversary. This is actually a transaxle car, as the transmission/differential and even the clutch are in the rear of the car to achieve a nearly perfect F/R weight balance.  The standard Milano had a sweet-sounding 2.5L V6 and was considered a very good performer. However, Alfa saw fit to give us Americans something even better, the Verde model. This car uses a 3.0L all-aluminum V6 with a manual transmission, limited-slip rear differential, inboard rear disc brakes, gorgeous factory Recaro sport seats among a whole host of upgrades. This was by far the top-of-the-line Alfa Romeo sold in the USA at the time. Unfortunately, the high price meant only a few hundred were sold.  This Milano Verde has an impressive (for 1988) list of luxury and technology equipment including power moonroof, ABS brakes, heated seats, power locks and windows, A/C, etc. The sound of the Busso Alfa V6 engine in this car has been described by Jeremy Clarkson as “pure opera”. Personally, I’d rate a few inline-6 and flat-6 engines fairly high as well, but regardless this is a beautiful-sounding engine. The engine sound as well as the chassis balance, handling, seating position, steering, shifting, in fact nearly everything about this car was optimized for driving enjoyment and performance.

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Location: Willoughby, Ohio, United States