1989 Alfa Graduate. 40,000 or so of these things have been built and abused by students and imagined movie stars over the years. This one has led a very sheltered life. It has escaped abandonment in your uncleโ€™s yard. It has never been sentenced to years of rotting behind the shed or having been crashed and repaired by his younger brother. Instead, this example has spent its 32,000 miles in a caring family with proper care and it is evident in the condition it holds today. This car shows about as good as one of these cars can be shown. The paint is good and the mechanics are solid. It comes with (or without) some old New England maps and a collection of empty sun glass cases that once held a variety of Ray Ban and Carrera glasses fitting of the top down enjoyment the previous owner once held for this fun little Italian sports car. If you are looking for an affordable and exciting way to nurture your inner Alfisi look no further!

Price: Auction

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