Here is a very rare car. According to Wikipedia, only 122 Spyder 2.5 i were produced, and most of them with automatic transmission. Carfax shows that the car is a one owner car which was parked sometimes between 1996 and 2000. About two months ago I started an effort to bring the car back to life. New timing belts, fresh synthetic oil, new Maserati original oil filter, new plugs etc. Fuel tank appears to be empty and it looks like no need to restore (not sure though). My problem is that at this point I run out of budget and also the storage charges are hurting. I was hoping that after this initial investment the car will start โ€“ however, when connecting the battery there is nothing happening. Probably something minor like a relay (no light no starter, nothing), but now the mechanic suggests toeing it to an electric shop etc..

Here is what I can say about the car:

1) Paint is original apart from a respray on the hood where the clear coat is peeling. There are some dings but the paint mostly looks original and in good shape. A respray will make the car look gorgeous. The only eyesore is the steel stripe attaching the convertible top at the back (see photo) which is rusty. Also, the small fuel lid stop is broken (see photo), so the lid stays closed but not locked.

2) Interior looks great. Leather is fine, no tears, carpet is great etc. Some people gauge a car by the rubber on the pedals โ€“ well they like new. Also, the $1000 LaSalle clock is still there!

3) Convertible top is OK as a top but has a few tears. So probably good against the rain but for a show car you need a new top.

4) All five original wheels are fine but tires are old.

5) Engine/transmission is probably good. If I figure out the electrical problem and can start the car then all those questions can be answered.

6) Brakes are working but fluid change is recommended. Clutch hydraulics needs to be restored (the pedal goes in and stays there).

In summary, this is a great, rare and complete car, definitely worth bringing back to life. (Best if you come and see the car which is in San Diego, CA). By the way, I’m not a dealer, just picked a catchy name for my eBay user name.

Price: Auction

More info: Listing has ended. Click to search on eBay for similar 1987 Maserati Spyder (Affiliate link)

Location: El Cajon, California, United States